Heat and UV Protection For Skylights

Hello! My name is Greg Spencer (aka Gregthetinter) and I have been installing High End sun control window films on some of Tucson’s finest homes for over 35 years right here in the Old Pueblo, and in just about every home I was installing window film, they would also have several skylights throughout the house.Greg The Tinter - Skylight Diffuser - Diffuse A Lite - Skylight Tinting Most of the time the skylights would be in the kitchen or the bathroom, sometimes the walk in closet or the entrance. It never failed that the homeowner would tell me how hot or bright the rooms were that had a skylight in it and if I could tint they’re skylights before I finished the job? The answer would always be the same, no I’m sorry but the film will not stick to the plastic dome and the dome has too much of a bubble for the film to lay smooth!

After several years of this I decided it was time to sit down and figure out a way to incorporate the same Heat & UV protection that High End Window Films offer and come up with a way to make this technology work in skylights!


The World’s First internal filter for domed or flat skylights!

    • Diffuse-A-Lite are special sun control filter’s for domed or flat skylights that will eliminate 99.9% of all UVA and UVB rays (the rays that can cause skin cancer,) and will block 69% – 98% of the infrared ray (the rays that produce heat), without losing the light your skylights were designed for!
    • Custom made for your skylight, then installed internally, inside the well just under your skylights dome or glass.
    • Ideal for kitchens with skylights The Diffuse-A-Lite Systems.


With Four Shades To Choose from and custom colors available, I’m sure we have a Diffuse-A-Lite diffuser that will compliment any decor!

Skylite Diffusers Color Options

Four color options to choose from

A patent pending product developed by Greg Spencer, (AKA Gregthetinter) owner of AGTP Window Films with more than 30 years experience installing sun control products.





Or Mess!

So easy a child can do it!!!

Do-it-yourself kits… come with everything you need for a professional installation. From start to finish… in just 30 minutes!

Anyone can install The Diffuse-A-Lite System. Protect Your Kitchen Protect Your Kitchen!

Order your filter today and stop the damage before it’s too late!!

Protect from the Sun’s harsh UV rays:

Your clothes

Your Fine furniture

Your Artwork

Your Paintings

Your Rugs

Your Kitchen cabinets

Even the Paint on Your Walls

YES Even Your Eyes!


Kitchen After Skylight Diffuser
Skylight Diffuser

Dear Greg,

After my ophthalmologist told me that I had lost pigment in the retina’s of both eyes, indicating the future development of macular degeneration, I researched all the information I could find on the condition. Everything I read said UV rays are harmful to the retina and that we should always protect our eyes from these rays.

Since I had no way of knowing how much protection my skylights provided I had your Diffuse-A-Lite filter installed in all 3 of my skylights. An added benefit is reduced glare and heat transmission.

Thank you,

Joyce Campbell

“Diffusing Your  Sky Light Evenly”

Here’s an example of a transparent domed skylight, you can see for yourself the problem that this type of skylight can create.

Mrs Clark’s Kitchen Kitchen Before Kitchen After
Mrs Clarks Kitchen Clark kitchen before Clark kitchen after

Mrs Clarks Kitchen!

Thanks Again, The skylight diffuser in our kitchen has kept that room cool enough to allow us to keep our thermostat set about 3 degrees higher than we did before we had the filters, and still remain comfortable in that room. Looks like we will have enough savings to cover the cost of our Skylight Diffusers!

Thank You,

Bob & Carol Clark

“Making Skylights Even Better”

Once installed, My Diffusers will filter out 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. (the rays that can cause skin cancer) They will dramatically reduce infrared heat by as much as 83% which will “Save You Money” on your electric bills. My Diffuser will virtually eliminate annoying glare and will give your skylights a beautiful more finished look.

You can even change the color of a room without painting!

Color change without filter
Color change with filter
Your skylights will be more attractive and your room more comfortable. All this and more without the loss of light your skylight was designed for. The result is your skylight taken to new and improved heights.

“Notice The Subtle Difference”

By reducing 99.9% of the UV rays and up to 83% of infrared rays (heat), my Skylight Diffusers provide the ultimate protection from the damaging effects of the sun without losing the natural light your skylight was designed for!

Vistoso pointe after
Vistoso Pointe

Thanks Greg,

We are thrilled with our new tinted skylight filters from AGTP Window Films! The new tinted skylight filters has reduced the bright glare and has substantially reduced the heat generated through the original skylight. The Diffuse-A-Lite frame is stylish and blends in well with any decor. We couldn’t be more pleased with the exceptional prompt service that AGTP provided from start to finish.

Thanks again,

Tom & Sue Butterweck

“Protecting Your Valuable Investment”

Your couches, arm chairs, photographs, paintings, drapes, tapestries, carpet, fine wood furniture, artwork, and even the paint on your walls will last longer and stay brighter with Diffuse-A-Lite skylight filters! Light you want Which means, you can decorate your home or business knowing you’ll have the light you want, and still be protected from heat, glare, and UV rays you don’t want.

“Don’t Wait until It’s Too Late”

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