Safety Window Film and Security Window Film

Tucson safety window film - security window film installationA tough, new dimension in window film technology for property and personal protection against high wind, vandalism, theft and accidents.

This window film technology combines multiple, micro-thin layers of film to create a more impenetrable window film that bonds to the inside of your windows. This tear and penetration resistant window film holds the glass together and reduces the likelihood of flying glass shards and injuries.


Here are just a few features and benefits of having safety window film or security window film installed on your home or business:

Benefits of Security Films:
• Security films offer superior glass hazard mitigation, and are best utilized for windows subject to severe glass threats such as bomb blasts, earthquakes and hurricanes.
• You are protected because the thicker design helps hold glass together at high impact situations.
• Suited for government buildings plus communities in high-risk (Monsoon Season or not so nice neighborhoods) areas.
• You won’t have to tint your windows because it is only available as a clear film.


Benefits of Safety Films:
• Specifically designed for protection against accidental breakage, or smaller impact situations.
• Your safe because it keeps glass in place on impact, preventing dangerous flying glass shards or liability from debris.
• AGTP only carries the best safety window films, perfect for your residential windows.
• You have options for clear as well as solar control shades to block heat, UV rays and glare.


Your AGTP Ultraflex Window Film installations include but are not limited to:

 US Customs, United States Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines recruting stations all over Tucson

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